Dear Visitor,

Welcome to Theodóra’s oily world of art.

What you need to know about her…

The passionate Hungarian abstract painter Theodora Sebestyen, also known as ArtbyTheo, inspired by her heritage, an Ybl-winning architect grandfather and classical concert pianist and artist mother has stepped into her own by expressing herself through oil materials on canvas.

She is able to translate everyday emotions into a world of oil. Theodora’s creations best compliment modern home interiors via a playful mix of colors and textures.

Her unique artworks satisfy individual tastes and requests, because she is more than happy to create art to meet the future owner’s will.

She enjoys experimenting in different styles. Her artistic strokes are free of constraint, expressing a liberation of artistic movement.

Apart from a great ability to do figurative work, she truly shines through creating abstract art.

In her own words,

 ”I truly enjoy when my audience sees their own free associations into my work, giving rise to new and ever growing interpretations”.